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 Centrealoil--Clean fracturing fluid

Viscoelastic surfactant technology has more than 10 years of successful experience in the application of fracturing fluid. VES fracturing fluid is quaternary ammonium salt cationic surfactant of long-chain fatty-acid dissolved in brine formed the micellar solution, its micelle is mainly earthworm shaped or flexible long rod, highly intertwine each other to form reversible three-dimensional space net structure, and show the special rheological property and viscoelastic behavior, and high viscosity under low shear, shear thinning and thixotropy, etc. VES fracturing fluid is easy to operate during usage and fluid preparation on site is convenient, because of its non containing polymer, the system itself has a strong anti clay swelling ability, it can be automatically gel breaking when encountering oil and water. Due to the system without solid phase and gel breaking liquid with no residue, so it is also called the clean fracturing fluid.

As a result of the conventional VES fracturing fluid is highly affected by the temperature, therefore its application is limited to a great extent.  The system was modified by means of the double branched chain of quaternary ammonium salt of long chain fatty acids on grafting big functional groups, the temperature resistance, shearing resistance and the sand carrying capability has greatly improved, the viscosity of surfactant and thicker before the mixture are the same with the water, the delayed crosslinking time is about 20-30s, crosslinking methods is using pump after crosslinking. The technology in the application of Yumen oilfield is more than 40 wells , and has obvious yield-increasing effect.


The fluid preparation on site is convenient, no need to add other additives

The system has no residue and water insoluble substance

The system can be automatically gel breaking when encountering oil and water

The system has strong sand carrying capability and low operating friction

The damage to reservoir is low and little influence on the fracture conductivity

The system can meet the requirements of medium-low temperature (witnin75) reservoir reconstruction.



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