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 Centrealoil--Ultra-high temperature fracturing fluid

With the difficulty of oil and gas exploration and development gradually increased, oil and gas reservoirs with deep layer, low permeability, high temperature and ultra-high temperature have accounted for an increasingly large proportion. High temperature and ultra-high temperature properties put forward a higher performance requirement to the reservoir reconstruction fluid. At present commonly used fracturing fluid is composed of plant gum and organic boron crosslinker, its appropriate temperature range is about 150.The temperature resistance of fracturing fluid formed by plant gum-metal crosslinker can reach 180,but there are some problems with the difficulty of gel breaking, poor shear resistance, large residues. The temperature resistance of fracturing fluid formed by modified plant gum and delayed crosslinker can reach 170due to the cost of plant gum modified is high, then increase the cost of fracturing fluid system as a whole. Therefore, the low cost of ultra high temperature fracturing fluid will have a broad prospect to super deep, ultra high temperature reservoir reconstruction.

Our company has developed independently heat-resistant thickener and ultra-high temperature crosslinker products, matching corresponding additives, to form the ultra-high temperature fracturing fluid system. Thickener is synthesized by a variety of raw materials of multi-branched linear polymer with low molecular weight, which with ultra-high temperature crosslinker can form a network structure of fracturing fluid gel. The system has the characteristics of good viscoelasticity, low friction, resistance to ultra-high temperature (180), gel breaking thoroughly, less residue, low damage to the fracture conductivity and formation core.


The system has good viscoelasticity, the temperature tolerance is as high as 180 .

The system can gel breaking thoroughly, little influence on fracture conductivity.

The system has less residue, low damage to formation core.

The system has low friction, reduce the loss of equipment hydraulic horsepower, conducive to on-site                     construction.

The system has strong proppant-carrying capacity, can meet (witnin175) ultra-high temperature reservoir             reconstruction requirements


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