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 Centrealoil--Organic boron fracturing fluid for different temperature

In low permeability oilfield development, crosslinked fracturing fluid due to greatly improve the viscosity of fracturing fluid, can meet the requirements of the created fracture and proppant-carrying on viscosity in the construction, thus it has been applied widely. In the late 1980's , a large number of experimental study found that organic metal crosslinked fracturing fluid has some problems with the difficulty of gel breaking, serious damage to the propped fracture conductivity and the core permeability and so on. So the borate gelling fracturing fluid has become the main direction of research and development of fracturing fluid. Inorganic boron crosslinked fracturing fluid has some shortcomings, including fast crosslinking time, poor temperature resistance, high residue, so its usable range is greatly restricted. For this, since 1990's , researchers at home and abroad are still unremittingly carried out the study of organic boron fracturing fluid.

To improve the main performance of organic boron fracturing fluid is that :control the rate of crosslinking, realize the delayed crosslinking, reduce the friction of fracturing fluid in pipe injection process, avoid mechanical degradation of high-speed shear for fracturing fluid, at the same time, compared with similar systems on the market, the fracturing fluid has low damage and low cost.Our company independently developed a series of organic boron fracturing fluid, can be adapted to the different temperature of the reservoir, including three series of organic boron fracturing fluid system: medium-low temperature(60~90), medium-high temperature(90~120), high temperature (120~150). The added cleanup additive, clay stabilizer, foaming agent, bactericide, water block treatment agent can meet the local enterprise or industry standards. This series of fracturing fluid has good viscoelasticity, proppant-carrying capability, anti-swelling property, can gel breaking thoroughly at reservoir temperature, low filtration, low damage. The technology in the application of domestic oilfield is more than 150wells , and has obvious yield-increasing effect.


Three series of organic boron fracturing fluid system: medium-low temperature (60~90),medium-high                    temperature(90~120),high temperature (120~150).

Series of fracturing fluid adding additives can satisfy the requirement of industry standards.

Series of fracturing fluid have delayed cross-linking performance, can be adjusted according to the                          characteristics of reservoir, reduce construction pipe friction.

Series of fracturing fluid has lower filtration performancecompared with similar systems, conducive to               reservoir reconstruction.

Series of fracturing fluid has lower core damage ratecompared with similar systems, reduce reservoir damage

Series of fracturing fluid has good viscoelasticity and proppant-carrying capacity, can meet the demand of               corresponding to the reservoir temperature of sand fracturing.


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