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Centrealoil--Oilfield produced water treatment

With the exploitation of oilfield, more and more oil wells have entered high water cut stage, produced water increase sharply. At the same time, with the deepening of the development technology, all kinds of stimulation and stable production transformation techniques such as volume fracturing, fracturing fluid residue flooding, surfactant flooding, water shut-off and profile control reuse of the recirculated water, after further testing and promotion, increase the difficulty of produced water treatment, treatment costs rise. More over, in the process of the low permeability oilfield development for water quality requirements are relatively high. In the face of the current serious environmental situation, the treatment of oily wastewater has become focus and difficulty of technology research in domestic oilfield.

Our company has independently developed a variety of high efficient flocculating agent, coagulant, bactericidal agent, chelating agent, corrosion and scale inhibitor, oxygen scavenger and other products, adhering to the "environmental protection first" principle in the process of product development. The oily wastewater after dealing with the composite technology, produced water can achieve to meet the State Standard with second level for discharging.

Our company can be targeted to develop the special water treatment agent products according to the characteristics of the different oilfield produced water.


Water treatment products have the environmental characteristics of biodegradable, low toxicity and without             producing  residue.

The product has the characteristics of less dosage, its good stability, wide adaptation range and low cost.

The bactericide has antibacterial rate above 99% against different kinds of bacteria in the produced water.

The corrosion rate of corrosion and scale inhibitor is less than 0.076 mm/a, the scale inhibition rate is over               80%.

The oxygen scavenger has deoxygenation rate above 85% against produced water.



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